Help, I Just Copped a Pair of Bricks

So, you just copped a pair of bricks and you don't know what to do? Has the prospect of making a couple extra dollars this week slipped from your grasps? Don't worry, I am here will a couple words of wisdom, advice, tips and tricks on how to deal with a pair of concrete cinder blocks. Let's Go!


What is a Brick

A Brick is a mixture of clay and shale constructed at about 2000 degrees fahrenheit, also known as a pair of sneakers you'd rather see burned at such temperatures. A brick will build a solid foundation for your home otherwise known for founding your pain, and anguish, and suffering. I swear, i once had a pair of bricks fly outta my work truck and I kept on driving. It really is the root of all things bad about reselling. But why? 

Bricks cause panic and panic equals stress. The more stressed out you are the more unbearable you become. There is no worse feeling then finally copping a pair of flippables only to read a tweet saying "bricks" or "resell dead". I will commit the most heinous crimes under this type of anger [not really] but its how I feel, most of us feel in this moment. Let me help you, because I've been there and helping is what I do best. 

What can you do? 

You must breathe. Bringing extra oxygen into your lungs will help you think positively about your situation. Here are a few things that immediately come to mind:

  • You can always return them either through the mail or to a brick and mortar location. Sometimes breaking even is the best outcome. 
  • You can wait for the price to increase. Most sneakers appreciate over time, especially those that we think will flip. [That is unless you're completely awful at price predictions AKA me] 
  • You can take a loss. Once you reach a certain selling threshold you have to pay taxes on your profit. Most businesses or individuals who pay their taxes on their profits would write these sneakers off as a loss. 
  • You can buy in your size. If you have a decent income and are not reselling for ends meet then you can keep the sneakers as a personal. Awwww mannn, not another pair of sneakers, said no reseller ever. Enjoy them!
  • You can trade them. Believe it or not I've seen some wild trades go down. Some of my followers would contact me and ask about a trade. Some of the trades would be awful but somehow they pull it off. Never give up or in.

End of the World?  

Not even close. There is always a way out. This mentality applies to everything in our lives. Always remember that sneakers are sneakers, and although they may sometimes make us thousandaires overnight, there is always another cook off going down next week. 

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