How Can I grow My Twitter Following


Some of my most helpless feelings occurred when I initially set up my Twitter account. I knew that I had a good business plan, a good brand name and a good business mind that could help me become successful but I was missing one key ingredient, social media marketing. How was I going to accomplish my goals? How can I become successful in the extremely overcrowded space of social media? 

One of the beauties of living in the technological age is that marketing can be both fun and free. We are essentially the captains of our own entrepreneurial ship. If you’re running a business, either a brick & mortar location or online, it would behoove you to set up your social media accounts and begin marketing your business. Quick Tip: Focus on one, especially if you’re starting out by yourself. If you have a team then divvy up the accounts into equal parts participation. Let’s take a look at Twitter


Twitter is great for businesses because it allows you to connect one on one with your consumers. Connecting or Engaging is easily the fastest way to streamline your follower count. Engaging your followers on a personal level is as important as taking the initial step onto the social media scene. How you engage will let your followers know that you’re serious about your business, not a spam account, and not of artificial fabrication. Simple Engaging techniques are built into Twitter in the form of Comments, Like and Retweets. 

Of course, with every list of things to do there is another quantum level of must-dos while you’re doing for your engagement to be successful. These include and are not limited to: Engaging every day, Engaging with those accounts who are important to your niche market, engaging with those who interact with your content, sending out thanks and appreciation and sharing content from other accounts in your niche market. 

Quick Pep Talk: It sounds like a ton of work, and it is at first. Eventually, you will begin to develop a rhythm and a schedule. Once this happens your social media marketing will begin to flourish. If you’re finding yourself overwhelmed then take a break, but if youre finding yourself bored then you’re in the wrong niche market. I work full time but am able to keep up with sneakers and fashion because I’m in love with it. It’s a pleasure to both bring you content and engage with you on a daily basis.

Content Creation

You or what your brand entails is all about being able to have your followers perceive your vision. Your vision is who you are, what your business is or what your brand brings to the table. Your vision, in the social media sphere, becomes the singular reason why a person wants to follow you. Your vision is portrayed in the form of content creation.

To simply put it, content creation is what you post in order to engage with your followers. Your content should always contain items from your niche market, should always be fresh (although it is ok to recycle – especially if you put out a ton of content), should always look for engagement, and should always have an ulterior motive (such as – I want you to share this – please share this). Good content is always shared as you can gauge good content by the number of likes, RTs and comments it receives.

Good Content creation is also about timing. This is not about the time of day, although this does factor into the equation, but about what you choose to post in relation to current events. For Example, Meek Mill was released from prison yesterday – 4/24/18 – a national holiday and Twitter blew up. The most shared content on this day contained Meek Mill hashtags, memes and the name Meek Mill. So, to break it down – your business is looking for consumers and on social media these potential consumers are in the form of followers. The more up to date you are with your current events, the more likely you are to bring in more followers. Twitter for business boasts a simple equation: Followers = money. Simply, although complex, to gain more twitter followers you must be active in the world of current events.

What if we suck at content creation? I will tell you this – some of the biggest accounts out there have ghost writers. Ghost writers are people who have no affiliation with the business but are natural wordsmiths, Photoshop wizards, Seo mages, keyboard killers and any number of analogies you can think of. All you need to do is set out to hire a few freelancers. Freelancers will write amazing blog posts, film entire commercials, and pretty much anything else you need to get accomplished or simply don’t have time for. Check out some Freelancers Here.

Content creation will vary in every niche market. This is simply due to the fact that each market has a very specific set of needs, just as every business has a unique set of goals. The most important aspect of content creation is adding a current event to an event that pertains to your market. If I show a video of Meek Mill falling down the steps, tumbling into a bush full of snow, then I’m going to mention the sneakers he has on. The tweet allows me to mention the event while letting any unsuspecting non-follower (who is a potential follower) know what my account is all about. It also allows me to keep my account focused on sneakers and fashion.

Singular Purpose

I have been in business for five strong years and gained a bit of knowledge along the way. A great piece of all important knowledge, that I would like to share with you, is to keep your account focused on one specific market. The first couple a years I was doing way too much. I incorporated every interest of mine onto one account. It wasn’t until I began to focus on only sneakers and fashion where I began to grow exponentially.

I have many interests but only few passions. Figure out what is more important to you, if you’re entering twitter as a personality, or what is more important to your business, if you’re looking for potential consumers. Your account requires your absolute focus on one market (not a little focus here and a little focus there). Even today, my followers let me know when content doesn’t belong simply by the lack of engagement it receives. Think about your next move, strategically.

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One thing I speak about in my article Building a Brand While working a 9 to 5 is scheduling and the importance of doing so. Sadly, we cannot be present on social media in every single instance of time. So, to combat our very humane problem of time there are several programs that we can use to schedule our tweets. What I often do, before bed, and before work the next morning, is create content and schedule it for the next day. You want to spread your content around sporadically so that it fills in the voids of which you will not be available to engage on social media. This simple means that you must be willing to plan ahead.

Tip: Write a to-do list – include everything that must be done within the next 24 hours. Once your list is complete it will be easier to identify the time you will have available to be social. Again, this all sounds like a SL of work because, it is, that is until you develop a routine.

Successful individuals do not complain about doing – they just do.


In today’s world, you have to be willing to adapt, evolve, and put your ego/pride on the backburner. The same is true for the ever-changing world of social media. You have to be willing to accept competition, accept defeat (read this), and most importantly accept that there will be an influx of new content creators that are will to do what you’re not. Whether you believe in a higher being or not there is one constant that both successful believers and non-believers share. It is the fact that both parties worked ridiculously hard to get to where they are or at least to the level of success that breeds personal happiness.

Personally I like to say you’re going to live for a period of time, and that time is unknown based on any number of variables that the world throws your way. While you’re alive and well you should always strive for perfection, to succeed, to be helpful, and to be humble. It’s much harder to be a bad person than to be decent.

Build Organic Relationships

One of the many things that social media allows you to do is socialize. There are a great amount of people online, that I have met, that I would simply feel comfortable embracing and thanking for each piece of my success. This is one of the many perks of being engaging and building a following. The best part about selecting the niche market that I am passionate about is that I can build thoughtful, essential relationships with those individuals with whom I share a passion with. Finding those individuals on social media can be done by searching keywords or hashtags, following similar accounts and not being afraid to engage in conversation. Social media requires you to be social, albeit, behind closed doors.

Put in your time

Time is never really spent if you enjoy what you’re doing. Yes, time will pass, but time will pass whether you’re doing something productive or not. You might as well be doing something that will be worth a look back in five years. There isn’t a day that goes by where I don't say, “Man, I'm glad I started my business when I did”. We all have to start somewhere, and at some point in time. Go Get it.