How do I Dress

How do I dress is not a what-to-do but a potential guideline for certain life events and how they correspond with your fit.  I’m not telling you how to dress but offering you guidance. It is always important to be yourself, develop your own characteristics, become your own individual, and slay. Take this post and nitpick it for pointers you can apply to your lifestyle and your fits. Most importantly, impress yourself.

Dressing to Impress

Impressions are everything. There is an old adage that states perception is reality. While what others perceive may not be your reality it becomes the only truth to a stranger that knows nothing about you. Dressing to impress at every available moment is important. Here’s why. We live in the age of social media. Every active young adult is jockeying for a position in the workforce. A position may not solely rely on the job interview, but how you live on a daily basis, in conjunction with that interview. Potential employers will check your social media and although your personal life may not speak to your work life it will affect the outcome. Sad but true, but true nonetheless. One way to combat the social media blues is to ALWAYS dress to impress.

Dressing for Comfort

We all need a comfort day. We all need to impress on a daily basis. Is there a way to do both? Yes, you can be impressive and be comfortable. It is all about the fit. The best way to achieve maximum comfort is to take three to five extra minutes out of your day to try your clothes on. If something doesn’t fit then toss it. If you’re out looking for something new then try on your clothes. Comfort can be achieved by practicing shopper’s perfection.

Shopper’s Perfection is

· Pre Plan your Shopping Day

· Save a decent amount of money

· Plan to Spend the chosen day Shopping

· Hit A number of stores

· Try everything on

· Only Purchase what fits

· Never Purchase the piece you’re going to “get into” or “lose weight for”

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Dressing for confidence

Confidence dressing is recommended in everyday life. When I speak of confidence dressing I speak of wearing outfits that make you the happiest. There are no set rules when you’re looking to throw on something that would add a little pep to your step. Being confident is a mindset, but it is sometimes necessary to trick the mind with bouts of pleasure and happiness. Clothing can help you achieve your confident demeanor, and perhaps, that is why shopping is considered an addiction. Follow the shopper's perfection landscape that I described above to achieve the perfect mixture of confidence to comfortability

There is an old saying “Look good, Feel Good”

Dressing for the Moment

One of my pet peeves is watching people under or over dress for the moment. My skin crawls. There is a simple rule to follow. If it is a special occasion or an occasion (date night applies – especially if you and your love never get out) then you dress up. We are talking dress pants, dress shirts, suits, dresses, heels, nice shoes (not sneakers). It is really simple. Dressing up makes a difference. Your love will be happier, you might just land that job, and your confidence will be sky high.

Here is a list of some events and what I perceive to be appropriate:

Work Event – nothing scandalous or revealing. Comfortable, work casual clothing unless you’re going out to a nice restaurant. If you’re going out then throw on a suit, shirt and tie or dress.  You’re at work whether you want to believe it or not.

Of course there are exceptions. For example, if you work for a lifestyle brand you may want to show off your new kicks. There are always exceptions.

Wedding – Suit and tie, shirt and tie, dress pants, dress, comfortable shoes or boots. No exceptions

Family outing – comfort is key. Here you can try new things, wear your favorite sneakers, try that new shirt etc. Do not dress up. Overdressing is just as bad as underdressing.

Job Interview – Always dress up. One thing I learned was to dress up but be yourself with your own style. Don’t shave your beard because you think they don’t want beards. Trim it and make it look nice. Wear a tie, even if it’s a lifestyle brand, in coordination with sneakers. If it is not a lifestyle brand then don’t wear sneakers. This isn’t about what you want – it is about landing a position. If the job is corporate then dress corporate.

Random Day – Wear whatever the heck you want. Be yourself, always be yourself and don’t stray away from being or becoming what you want. It’s your life and it’s your world. Confidence is sexy and powerful.

Why I changed my style

I remember in high school I was dressing of the times. I was young with an underdeveloped prefrontal cortex, what exactly did I know? The answer would be nothing, I knew nothing. In the early 2000s I was heavy into rap as much of the youth was. At this time New York rap was at the top of its’ game. I wore what they wore; baggy jeans, Fitted hats too big for my head, and every color t-shirt known to man. The t-shirts had to be 5X to 7X and you had to wear three or four of them. I remember taking trips to Newark, NJ just to get tees. I was lost but, at that time, it was the trend. As I grew and progressed into an adult my style naturally changed.

As I began my sneaker business I naturally tried to dress as the youth dresses. The problem with this is I’m 32. I’m a grown man trying to wear joggers and Moto jeans I’m writing this and laughing. It was time for a change. I started to pick out clothes based on what event I was attending, what company I would be in and what the weather would be. This was not about impressions or individuality or actually caring about an opinion. I did it because it was time for an adult to dress like a strong and confident adult.

Have you ever seen a grown man still dress like a child? It is sad. I envision Allen Iverson still dressing like he is 20 years old and stuck in the 90s. I feel like he should have evolved by now.

Where Do I Shop

I personally look for great pieces at discount prices. Financially, I cannot afford to jump at every piece of  high fashion because I spend a ton on Nike and Adidas Footwear. My theory is, protect your feet, especially if you're active, because if you don't you won't be active. So I naturally spend the most the newest technology. 

What are the best stores for discounts?

The above stores have the best discount to quality ratio in the clothing industry. I personally shop at every one of these places while treating myself to a more expensive taste once a month. Rewarding yourself based on positive life actions or accomplishments is one of the most productive ways to maintain a happy, healthy life.


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