How Do I Focus

By Now, You have probably realized that we're all the same species. Scientist have calculated that our genetics are 99.9% alike. We are only separated by our culture, our experiences, our race and our minds. Still, some of us are more successful than others. How could this be? If we're all made up of the same batter then how is it possible that one man, or woman can be more successful than another. It all comes down to effort, determination, and a bucket full of focus.


What is Focus 

Focus is your ability to channel all of your attention towards one singular goal or objective. It consists of an inane ability to block out all incoming sounds and distractions so that your brain is empty, readying itself to send and receive any number of important calculations. Once your mind is free you will find yourself thinking clearly, developing ideas, and being as creative as you've ever been. 

Sometimes you may find yourself unable to focus. It's true, we've all been through that crazy stressful day whereas we'd be better off with a pint of ice cream then a pen and a notepad. There are some self-inflicted factors that lead to bad days and less focus. Let's go over how we can put ourselves in a better overall position as to minimize the bad days and maximize efficient hyperfocus. 


Diet is one of the most important benefactors to increased productivity. Listen, when I was young [younger] I could eat glass, digest it and still run a full court game of basketball, do my homework, create a beat, and so on. I was invincible. Now, I have to eat my greens, eat good carbs, a protein and take it easy on the sugar. That's you, not me! No brother, that's us. The quicker you change your diet and bring in essential nutrients that equate to increased brain power, the sooner you'll begin to flourish. 

Diet is not to be confused with diets. I DO NOT condone diets because they bring on temporary, unsustainable results. When I speak of a diet I speak of eating right all of the time. Of course I indulge once in a while - I'm known to grab some nuggets and chick-Fil-A sauce and house, Chicken Parm snacks, racks of ribs, and Shid - JUST DO IT in MODERATION. 

One thing that I find helpful is using a reward system. After this article I might have a glass of fruit punch and a snack. Why? Because I was productive today. Rewarding productivity is a good way to remain productive. 


Exercising has multiple health benefits. Outside of the health benefits it creates a natural boost in confidence and an aura of excellence. When I work out I let loose. I throw my headphones on, listen to my favorite tracks and compete with myself to become stronger, faster, and more technically sound. I do not use the gym for socializing. 

One thing I do use the gym for is brainstorming. When I'm in the middle of cardio I'm thinking of my next move. When I'm lifting I'm thinking about how I can become better as a man and as a businessman. Think about this: your body is undergoing physical duress while you're working out. What better way to trick your body into thinking its enjoying every moment than to think positively and forwardly. 

It's crazy to me how much more you can actually get done by simply tricking your mind. Try this: the next time you're feeling anxious about doing something tell yourself I'm going to do this and I'm going to be great. I'm telling you right now the results will amaze you. The next time you stub your toe simply tell yourself "never happened" and keep on walking. Did you stub your toe? Yes! But, It's worth a shot. 

Early Dismissal

Get some Rest! One of the reasons I am both humble and semi successful is because I'm not up and running the graveyard shift on Twitter. I honestly go to bed around 10 PM every night and wake up around 5 AM. I get my rest because I feel it is very important to reset and recharge so that I can potentially put myself in a position of greatness. I Always think about the future.

We share the 99.9% of the same DNA but boy, we are different. Find out what works for you and own it. Make a schedule for yourself and write it down if you have to. Anything goes when you're trying to find a way to better focus on your goals.

Feed Your Brain

It is always important to stay mentally sharp because focus comes from the brain. All of the aforementioned headlines are important because they are a great way to recharge, reboot, and feed your most important organ, the brain. Here are a few other things you can do for more brain power and better focus:

  • Read Read Read Read and Read. Reading alone can boost creativity, entice original thoughts and boost your confidence. Having an arsenal of words to use in conversation will change your life. 
  • Caffeine. Stay away from sugary energy drinks that leave you craving more sugar. Refined Sugar is terrible for the brain. Have a coffee, some tea or a shot of espresso. 
  • Supplements such as Ginkgo Biloba, over time, have shown to increase brain function. [It won't happen overnight and must be combined with a healthy diet]
  • Frequent breaks. Take a step back if you find yourself stuck. Breaks are important for continuous success. Don't be Shy.
  • Hydrate. Hydration is important because your body is a machine and water is its lubricant. Drink More Water even though its taste like air. 

Thanks for Reading!

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