How Do I Use Viglink

How do I use Viglink? The answer is both simple and complex at the same time. The Viglink system is set up to make you the most money, and as fast as possible. The Viglink system is the easy part, having an audience to market to, well, that's where things get a little tricky. Luckily I have written an article on brand building here. Let's get into Viglink




What is Viglink?

Viglink is simply an affiliate marketing network that serves as a pipeline between bloggers, social media influencers, marketers, advertisers and their hundreds of partners. Viglink allows its' members to create an monetized affiliate link in hopes of selling a product. Once the product is sold the viglink member will receive a percentage of the sale. We can equate this to a shoe salesman in a department store who makes most of his money off sales commission. Viglink provides the commission and we find the buyer.

Why Choose Viglink? 

I have done a ton of commission based promotion through affiliates marketing. Viglink is by far the easiest and quickest system to use. In my line of work being the fastest and the most consistent are two of the key factors in making sales. Viglink provides the necessary tools to achieve my goals as well as my quota. One key success Factor is Viglink Anywhere. 

Viglink Anywhere

Viglink Anywhere is an affiliate marketers dream. It takes your links, shortens them, and adds your affiliate ID to the back-end. You're now ready to earn a commission. Yes, It's really that simple. If that doesn't impress you then you should try this. Viglink Anywhere comes with a google chrome bookmarklet. Drag and drop the bookmarklet to your taskbar from your Anywhere page. Once the bookmarklet is installed you simply need to head to any website page, find a product, and click the bookmarklet. A Viglink push notification will pop up with either a link for you to post or a "Sorry, this page is not currently affiliated". Affiliate marketing made simple. 

See Picture Below

Website Inclusion

So, you know how to use Viglink Anywhere and incorporate it into your blogs and social media. What about monetizing your website? Viglink has made this step quite easy. 

  • Choose your Website
  • Copy your Unique Viglink Code
  • Paste the Code onto Your Website Pages 
  • Then Check Your Installation

How Long does it take to get Paid

The hardest part of Viglink is getting over the fact that you won't get paid until month three and then every month after that. Viglink delays the payment initially to combat any returns, refunds, or late partner fees. It was hard for me to not get paid immediately, but the pros outweigh the cons by a landslide. Just dot it!

Tracking Your Progress. 

One great thing about Viglink Is your ability to keep an eye on your sales, your commissions, your clientele and your merchants. The dashboard [shown below] is quite extensive. It allows you to track your hits and your misses so that you can see what worked and what needs adjustments.


The terms to exactly how much commission you receive is agreed upon between the company and Viglink. So far, I have come across as low as 1% and as high as 15% commission per sale. It seems miniscule until you begin to build momentum and build your affiliate business. The money begins to pile up. As stated earlier, Revenue is based on 90 days, meaning your sales for january will be paid out in late March. The quicker you sign up and begin, the quicker the countdown begins. Sign UP

Finding Affiliated Merchants

Another of Viglink's very innovative tools is under the merchant tab. Here you will be able to find out ehich companies will give you a commission for a sale. A) Head to the top of any page and click merchant. Here, you can search any website either affiliated with Viglink. B) Use the Viglink Anywhere Bookmarklet on any site. If you click it, the push notification will tell you if the website is linkable or non-linkable. Very Easy!

New Tools

Viglink is now adding some very necessary tools to the mix. The payments tab give you access to your commissions' total at the end of every month. Most importantly, it allows you access to your payment dates and any accrued fees. Another new feature is the trends tab. Viglink will track your sales and curate some potential sales for you.

Final Thoughts

When beginning any new venture or task it is important to keep in mind that your venture will take time, patience, and hard work. There is no exception to affiliate marketing. Plan to give up hours and hours of life to perfect your craft. 

Help: Learn Trends and study websites. Learn what drops and when it drops. New Releases, of any type of product, are the most profitable - especially when they come out of nowhere.

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