How to Properly Package Sneakers for Shipping

How do I properly package sneakers for shipping? Hmm, the answer is much more complex than just throwing a box in a box simply because some sellers cannot grasp the importance of their product. If you struggle with post-sale shipping syndrome, or want a few tips, tricks or tools for shipping than this post is for you. 





Your Product

You have managed to purchase a rare collectible, piece of fashion, or grail that is sought after, kudos! You understand that this product could potentially make you a few extra bucks, awareness is good! You have also managed to sell your product on one of the many various sneaker platforms that exist today, superstar! Now it is time to seal the deal. 

Shipping your product is the most important part of buying and selling or resale. You are in charge of getting the product to your consumer both safely and within a decent time frame. These are the various ways you can ensure your product is delivered securely:

  • Use a box that safely fits the shoe box inside of it. (Less than $1 a box HERE)
  • Use sturdy tape - I like Gorilla Tape
  • Print your own labels - Check out my Postage System by Dymo
  • Fasten the labels with a sleeve and an extra piece of tape [If you Print your Labels]
  • Always purchase insurance [$50 is free - now spend the extra $7-$12 to make that $300-$1000] 
  • Always ship with a reliable service
  • Always use signature
  • Always drop off your package the same business day or the next business at the brick and mortar location [I don't schedule pickups because I don't trust disgruntled humans]

Post-Sale Shipping Syndrome

Post-Sale Shipping Syndrome is potentially devastating to a business. PSSS, as I like to call it, is the difference between a returning, repeat customer and a customer never to be heard or seen again. So what is it? Why do we sometimes suffer from PSSS? 

We naturally need breaks from our work day. Buying and selling takes a ton of time, effort and is mentally draining. Sure, after we score a big time product we see dollar signs and want to sell almost immediately, but we also want to rest. PSSS is an involuntary reaction to dedicating a ton of time to our craft. PSSS can cause delays in shipping, bouts of laziness, sleepy time syndrome, naps that turn into days, forgetfulness, and even lack of seller/buyer communication. Here is what you don't want to do:

  • Wait until the last minute to contact the buyer
  • Wait more than 2 business days to ship
  • Ship the sneaker box without an outside box 
  • Wrap tape around the sneaker box - we like our boxes
  • Have someone else ship for you
  • Ship via in-store and not upload tracking
  • Forget Insurance
  • Forget signature confirmation

If you ship without a double box, a cardboard box to put the sneaker box inside of, I will not only no longer consider buying anything from you ever again, but I would never buy anything from anyone associated with you, even your mother - it's disrespectful. 

Importance of communication

Communicating is imperative to business operations. Simple communication has a number of benefits while dealing within the realm of consumer relations. For one, it is a means of comfort to a customer. Imagine the difference between a person who has been left in the dark, waiting for a $400 pair of sneakers and a person who has received a message during each step of the transaction leading up to delivery. The effects of communication, in my experience, not only allow for a comfortable transaction but lead to more sale via word of mouth. 

A word of mouth sale is another direct reflection of excellent customer communication. Often times, when a seller receives their sneakers they will post about them, they will tell their friends about them and they will take photos. All of these reactions helps a seller gain more reputable clientele simply because everyone that sees wants to know where you got them from. The effects of communication are remarkable.

Sadly, we do not live in the future where we be able to upload a thought just by thinking it. This machinery will allow businesses and consumers to connect instantly and with out much effort. We know that shipping efforts are diminished by our workload and its' effects in our energy levels so a machine to this affect may be crucial to future communication. 

What have we Learned

Both buyers and sellers are human which means mistakes can and will happen. For a seller it is important to follow the steps above to minimize any potential negative outcomes when shipping a package. For a buyer, it is equally as important to reach out to your seller if any problems occur. Most resolutions lie within the buyer/seller relationship. 

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