How to Win When you Lose

That dreaded loser feeling has crept up again. You studied and you failed, you researched and you failed, you exhausted numerous amounts of time and energy and still somehow you failed. Life is looking gloom, filling your house and home with darkness, anger, and depression - or is it? I'm here to show you how to win even when you lose. Come along for the ride. 




Matthew Henry@matthewhenry


There is something generous about losing. A gift in disguise. We know that we hate it but it is generally a substantial act of a nature. What do we know about nature? Well, nature gives and nature takes. It presents us with hidden agendas in the form of lessons while feeding us the knowledge we only choose to open our eyes too. We can define losing as a lesson. It is only those who choose to go back, find the lesson, research it and adapt as needed who come out on top. 

Significance plays an important role in losing, here's why. If you have lost at something that generally chips away at your brain, causing you to think madly while losing countless nights of sleep, then you can say that what you lost at is quite significant to you. Something that is quite significant to you is worth a review. If you follow this train of thought then you can deduce that there is only one option left - go back and resolve the problem that caused you to fail. 

Positive Thinking  

There is an old saying that goes "Change your mind, change your life". This proverb has everything to do with how your brain processes information. If you choose negativity it will then exude from your pores like an alcoholic adventure. If you choose to live positively then your life will change for the better. You can apply your positive nature to every situation that arises. Let's look at the positivity in losing. 

  • Human Progression - We cannot go forward until we know where we've been
  • Research - The hard part is done - it now comes down to execution
  • Skill Sharpening - With every loss comes a lesson and with that lesson comes a new tool
  • Experience - You have done this before - You know the feeling - The pressure is off
  • Humble - Defeat can be humbling and being humble makes you a better person

I once did a study on myself - the best kind - LOLZ. I took a two weeks out of my life to live both negative and positive. The purpose of the experiment was to see its effects on the brain. Negativity made me incorrigible. I became set in my ways, closed off to the world, to humans, and to advice. I became complicated, curse this and curse that, F this and F that. Most importantly, my body suffered. I was so negative that my digestion suffered and when your digestion suffers your brain suffers. If your brain is suffering everything hurts, every word gets harder to articulate, and every lesson gets harder to grasp. I did not realize the the significance of simply living a positive, healthy lifestyle.  

On The other hand my positive week turned into a week of a lifetime. I noticed how outsiders would take to me just to say hello. My confidence was up and my work flow was incredible. My brain was at ease as I remained on an even keel. I naturally started to leave those people who had a negative impact on my life - negative thinking and negative actions create negative results. Listen, we all have bad days. Remaining positive during a bad day or a bad outcome takes time and experience. Start thinking positive, even if you experiment on yourtself, and watch the results.

Importance of Growth

We all grow and grow up. Sometimes we can get stuck in our ways, in a rut, or in a place of flowing negativity. It is important to leave that place as soon as possible. I wouldn't want you to expect it to happen overnight but to start as soon as possible. Here are some things you can do to begin thinking positively. 

  • Open Up - One thing about young folks is that they tend to think every situation is either about them or the end of the world. Neither case is true, in fact, when you get older you find out very quickly that your world is directly a cause and effect on how you think and behave. So why not open up and be free.
  • Feed your Mind - There is an entire world of knowledge out there. We often tend to take what other people say as the truth. Pick up a book and read about topics from an expert because his biases will be backed by fact. Always do your own research while being careful of your sources. Most importantly, choose a topic you like 
  • Eat Healthy - No, you don't need a three course salad, to turn vegan or even vegetarian to eat healthy. You would need to reduce your "shit" eating to once a day. I also found that eating in an 8-10 hour window provides more energy than stuffing before bed. Why eat healthy? Simply, because your brain needs to be able to operate and cannot do so if it's' worrying about the crap you put in your body. Also, more energy - better moods - more confidence - and list goes on.
  • Work Out - Again, you don't need to be a superhero but working out is often a haven for ideas. I have come up with whole projects while running on a treadmill, or boxing, or light lifting. It is also a great stress relief. 

In closing, we all lose, which you can take as positivity right within this sentence. You're not the only person who has lost, will lose, or constantly loses. Losing is simply an entry point for your progression. Think of a scientist or a physicist or and inventor. The brightest people on this earth grow up knowing their theories will be tested and disproven at some point. Only super geniuses like Isaac Newton and Albert Einstein have stood the test of time. 


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