Why you Need a Sneaker Monitor

Why do you need a sneaker monitor? The better question would be why don't you have one already. If you want to cop the newest heat, you have to be prepared. Trust me, time is not on your side. Check out this monitor and continue reading below. The clock is ticking.


What is a sneaker monitor?

A monitor, or notification system sends you an alert via slack chat when a product is back in stock. It also alerts you of restocks, new releases, news, random drops, raffles, and so much more. Most sneaker monitors also contain a bevy of information pertaining to sneakers and fashion, including timely chatting and linking. A sneaker monitor is your ultimate cheat guide to copping the sneakers. 

Why do you need one? 

If you want even the slightest chance at copping anything worth flipping or wearing then you're going to need some help. Have you ever wondered why some of the latest Nike and Adidas sneakers sell out instantly? Have you ever had a pair in your cart only to receive a sold out message? It all boils down to you being a step too slow. In today's game the campout has disappeared, the shelf surfing in gone; you can no longer walk into a store and find heat. Everything is now automated. You need to be the quickest and you need to defeat the bots. Having a sneaker monitor will get you closer to checking out your favorite brands.

What's good about my monitor?  

It does everything. It sends a push notification on my desktop and on my phone seamlessly. It alerts me about the newest releases. It is super fast and is steadily developing. The team is always hands-on and coming up with new ways to help its' members. I feel better about my chances of purchasing on release day because I essentially have a cheat code. 

It is important to do your research and choose a monitor that fits your needs. I also use AM.Notify and hear great things about BKANTHA, Notify Cooks and Geej.supply , all of which you can find on twitter. 

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